Daily RIAT 2006 News (14/07/2006)

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Friday morning was a windy affair. Much of the day was taken up with rehearsals as well as a corporate day. Many of the aircraft taking part are also heading to Farnborough next week. Headliners of the day were the Tornado GR4 display crew who managed to have two unservicable aircraft in the team. It appears the team may have swapped an aircraft out of the static to allow them a late trip to Farnborough to validate in time for next week and hopefully complete a display intact over Fairford! Star arrivals of the day were a pair of French Mirage 2000D aircraft and also a 3sqn Typhoon F2 which is sensibly parked in the static. Speaking of Typhoons, watch out for the Spanish EF2000 Typhoon over the weekend. Not only did he nearly bust the crowdline but his display is refreshingly different from the RAF display. Also creeping in was a C-130E fropm USAFE and a Irish CN235. Hopefully to be added to the programme is a USAF MC-130H and a team of US paratroops. No timings are known yet and rumours persist that both days will see a VC-10 in formation with the Red Arrows. We will have to wait and see. We wish everyone at RIAT a very enjoyable weekend and espeacially all the RIAT team. Paul Johnson/Flightline UK.

Today's Arrivals (as of 1700L)

  • PA-23 Aztec (Marshalls) - Departed
  • Citation II (Marshalls) - Departed
  • Jetstream T3 (RN) - Departed
  • King Air 200 (RAF) - Departed
  • Typhoon F2 (RAF) - For Static
  • KC-135R - (USAFE)
  • Citiation II (Omega) - Departed?
  • Gulfstream G450 (Gulfstream) - Frequent Visitor
  • C-12J (US Army)
  • C-130E Hercules (USAFE)
  • King Air 200 (Irish AC) - Departed
  • C-21 Learjet (USAFE)
  • MV-22B Osprey x 2 (USMC/Boeing)
  • AS355 Twin Squirrel (Lewis) - Departed
  • PC-9B (EIS)
  • Griffin HT1 (RAF)
  • Islander AL1 (AAC)
  • BAE 125 (RAF) - Departed
  • M346 (Aermacchi) - Rehearsal - Operating from Farnborough
  • Extra 300L (Ultimate High) - Static only
  • KDC-10 (Omega)
  • Mirage 2000D x 2 (French AF)
  • Sptifire PR19 (Rolls Royce) - Rehearsal - Operating from Bristol
  • Red Arrows
  • Typhoon T1 (RAF) - Flying Spare
  • MC-130H (USAF) - Rehearsal
  • Squirrel HT1 x 2 (RAF)
  • CN235 (Irish AC)
  • Typhoon F2 (RAF)  - Flying Display
  • Falcon 20 x 2 (FR Aviation) - Landed following Rehearsal with FRADU Hawks
  • Chinook HC2 (RAF) - Flying Display
  • Harrier GR7A (RAF)  - Flying Display
  • Black Cats

NOTE: Arrivals continue into evening - Boeing E-3D Sentry amongst others due to arrive.

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