Daily RIAT 2006 News (12/07/2006)

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RIAT 2006 opened for business with the tradition first arrival by a USAF ACC B-52H Stratofortress. Overall, Wednesday was much quieter than usual with arrivals taking place between 0900L and 1630L. Stars of the day were from Greece and Turkey. The first part of the Greek Contigent arrived today; a pair of A-7H Corsair II, one of which was the example in a spectacular tiger scheme while the other wore tradition camoflage. The Turkish F-4E Phantom IIs turned up a matter of minutes later. Making a UK show debut was the Royal Danish Air Force EH101 Merlin in full search and rescue markings. Hopefully the good weather enjoyed today will continue on into the weekend. Paul Johnson/Flightline UK.

Today's Arrivals (as of 1630L)

  • B-52H Stratofortess x 2 (USAF)
  • E-6B Mercury (USN)
  • B707-338 (Royal Austrailian Air Force)
  • EH101 Merlin (R Danish AF)
  • KC-130T Hercules (USMC)
  • PC-12 (Pilatus) - Departed
  • PC-21 x 2 (Pilatus) - inc solo Display Practice
  • Learjet 35A (Swiss AF) - Departed
  • Tornado GR4 (RAF)
  • JAS-39A Gripen x 2 (Swedish AF)
  • JAS-39B Gripen (Swedish AF)
  • Extra 400 (CIV)
  • P-51D Mustang (The Fighter Collection)
  • C-130H Hercules (R Jordanian AF)
  • F-15C Eagle x 2 (USAF ACC West Coast Demo Team)
  • F-15C Eagle (USAFE)
  • F-15E Strike Eagle (USAFE)
  • Dominie T1 (RAF)
  • King Air 200 (RAF)
  • F-4E Phantom II x 2 (Turkish AF)
  • A-7H Corsair II x 2 (Hellenic AF)
  • T-43 Gator (USAF)
  • ev-97 Eurostar (CIV)
  • Atlantique II (French Navy)
  • M28-1R Bryza (Polish Navy)

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