(from Shoreham Airshow Press Release)

Pilot Brian Brown was well know to the organisers of the RAFA Shoreham Airshow and had displayed at this airfield several times. Well known and respected on the aviation circuit his expertise and flying skills will be missed by both fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts world wide.

Many comments have been received by those attending the display from pilots and aviation publications on how right we were in continuing the flying after this accident. The decision to do this was made by the organisers and safety team at the show after discussions with the other pilots involved.

This is the first major incident in 18 years of running this event.

Display flying has it’s risks and all those involved are well aware of this.
The aircraft and skills of the pilots are paramount in selecting displays
and planning them for the Shoreham Airshow.

There will be another show in 2008.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Brian’s family and his many close friends associated within the aviation world.