Vulcan XH558 returned to the skies today after a long and painstaking restoration for flight. Often dogged by financial problems, the Vulcan to the Sky team have fought long and hard and today their efforts paid off with a succesful first flight.

XH558 was retired to Bruntingthorpe 14 years ago after 33 years on charge with the RAF for what was thought to be a permanent grounding. VttS have faced a number of hurdles, not least changing the policy of the Heritage Lottery Fund to fund a flying restoration.

The first flight was crewed by Dave Thomas and Al McDicken who reported that the aircraft was a jot to fly. The Vulcan is expected to put through a comprehensive flight test program before being displayed on the circuit at air shows and charitable events in 2008.

Flightline UK would like to congratuate VttS on their stunning achievement and look forward to seeing XH558 on the display circuit next year