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2007 Daily Arrivals Report - Day 3, Friday 13th July

The final day of arrivals was smostly taken up with rehersals for the weekends flying displays. Of note were rehersals for the F-15E Strike Eagle and Hertiage Flight with TFC's new TF-51D. The latter flown by "Mr Mustang" Ed Shipley probably wins the prize for most spectacular take off flying extremely low and appeared to between the orange flight line markers. Also taking to the air was the Dutch F-16 using a twin stick aircraft with a passenger and firing flares. A further Super Etendard arrived  as did much of the Royal Air Force support for the show. There will of course still be arrivals this evening. If you're coming down to Fairford, enjoy the weekend!

Arrivals as of 1800L

  • RNethAF F-16AM
  • Italian AF HH-3F Pelican x 2
  • RAF Puma HC1
  • USAF F-15E Strike Eagle x 3
  • RNeth AF PC-7
  • RAF Harrier GR9
  • RN Hawk T1
  • QinetiQ A109 (Visitor)
  • Bulldog
  • Irish AC AW139
  • BAF Sea King Mk48
  • BBMF Spitfire XIX x 2
  • BBMF Hurricane
  • RR Spitfire XIX
  • Red Arrows
  • RAF Merlin HC3
  • RN Sea King AsaC7
  • RAF King Air 200
  • Catalina
  • Blue Eagles
  • French Navy Falcon 10MER
  • Danish Air Force Challenger
  • French Navy Super Etendard
  • USAF C-20H
  • RNeth AF C-130H
  • RNeth AF Fokker 50
  • RAF Tornado F3 x 3
  • RAF Squirrel x 2
  • RAF Griffin x 1
  • RAF E-3D
  • Italian AF Falcon 900
  • RAF Sentinal R1
  • Black Cats
  • P-40N Kittyhawk
  • P-51D Mustang (Hanger 11)
  • Spanish AF Citation

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