The Yakovlevs new sponsor helps the team become even greener! (From the Yakovlevs Official Website)

For most of us it’s a struggle to drive our empty bottles to the local recycling facilities every so often — try running a four-aircraft display team through more than 60 displays a year, without doing any damage to the environment.The Yakovlevs Display Team, the UK’s premier aerobatic team, is launching a new scheme that will make them the first, and only carbon neutral display team on the scene, with the help of their new sponsor, Salisbury-based insurance broker Emery Little.

The Yakovlevs will offset all their carbon emmisions, with the help of Emery Little’s GreenFly carbon offsetting program. For the team, this is another step in the process of making flying not just better for the environment, but also safer for the pilots and their audience. Lead pilot Jez Hopkinson has already developed a new kind of eco/enviromentally friendly smoke oil with Shell Aviation, which is classed as safe for human consumption, produces whiter smoke, and even makes the aircraft’s paint last longer. The new smoke oil was launched by the Yakovlevs last year, and is now used by most teams in the display world.

“We are delighted to have Emery Little as a major sponsor,”Jez said.”The combination of the GreenFly initiative and Ondina EL means that we believe the Yakovlevs are now the world’s most environmentally friendly air display team. It is a pleasure to work with Nik Little and James Moreton, I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Emery Little.

The GreenFly scheme means that participants can submit their projected flying hours for the year with a quotation request, and have their carbon emmissions purchased to help spare the environment.
James Moreton, head of aviation at Emery Little added: “It is great to be associated with a leading UK based air display team. In particular with Jez and his highly experienced team, whose commitment and ethos to best practice within the aviation industry and the environment fits exactly with Emery Little.”

For more information on how to get involved with GreenFly, visit the Emery Little website by going to the Our Sponsors page. Keep your eyes on this site too, as more updates will be posted soon.