Speaking at the recent DASC Pre-season Flying Display Symposium, the Farnborough Flying Display Director and former Typhoon Display pilot, John Turner, ran through some of the regulations for flying displays for the forthcoming Farnborough International.

The headline annoucement is that the standard display minima for displays has been reduced from 600ft to 500ft. This will without doubt please a lot of photographers! However, the restrictions for flying outside of the airfield, nicknames the “Farnborough Bowl” remain in place. This ensures that display aircraft do not fly over the built up areas of Farnborough, North Camp and Aldershot too low.

However, the organisers will be open to flexibility so if a pilots authorisations allows him to fly lower, the organisers may grant exemptions.

Restrictions are also placed on the length of display routines so as to keep all of the companies displaying their wares at the airshow equal exposure.

Large transports/airliners and V/STOL aircraft will be granted a 7 minute slot.

Fast Jets, military trainers, smaller transport and large helicopters will be granted a 6 minute slot

5 minute slots will be granted to all light aircraft and small helicopters