Following on from the fanstatic news that funding had been achieved for test flying, the actual tests resumed yesterday with Vulcan XH558 departing it’s home at Bruntingthorpe for a two hour test flight. The aircraft landed back at RAF Cottesmore in Rutland after completeing 80% of the tests required. A fault with the fire warning system forced the aircraft to land 15 minutes earlier than planned but the flight still represents a massive achievement and important step in getting this fantastic aircraft back on the display circuit. CEO of VTST Dr. Robert Pleming said on the TVOC Website:-

I’m pleased to say that today’s flight was another great success for the VOC.

Despite a warning light indicating a fire in the AAPP, which forced the crew to follow the standard safety procedure of returning to the ground fifteen minutes sooner that scheduled, inspection on the ground showed no evidence of fire or any other damage.

Even with the early (very smooth) landing, eighty per cent of tests were completed, meaning we’re right on course for a compass swing tomorrow.

Well keep you posted as testing progresses.

Onward and upward.

Dr Robert Pleming