RAF Airshow Organisers at Douglas Bader House

The organisers of the Royal Air Force’s four most prestigious airshows met recently to discuss ways in which they can work more closely together.
Senior representatives from RAF Waddington, RAF Leuchars and RAF Cosford airshows met at the headquarters of the Royal International Air Tattoo in Fairford, Gloucestershire, for two days of talks covering everything from aircraft participation and logistics to ticketing and incident response.
They were able to share their experiences and also discuss ideas on how best to support the Royal Air Force’s ‘Engagement Strategy’ – which sets out the framework for communicating with its various audiences.
Among those present was Air Tattoo Director Tim Prince, RAF Waddington Airshow Director Colin Reeves, RAF Cosford Airshow co-ordinator Norman Branagh and RAF Leuchars’ Airshow Director Wg Cdr Mike Ainsworth.
Although it was the first such meeting of its kind there are now plans to make it an annual event.
Air Tattoo Director Tim Prince said everyone valued the opportunity to discuss their airshows in an open forum and to look at ways in which they could help each other in the future.
He said: “I was delighted that we all felt we could be quite open with each other and, as a consequence, we learned a lot. The consensus was that our four airshows had a lot to offer the Royal Air Force in terms of engaging with the public, promoting recruitment and delivering key messages. What better opportunity is there to do this than in the context of a thrilling air display?”