From UKAR – Posted by Sqn Ldr Andy Pawsey:-

Here is the full story of the RAF Harrier Season 2009 – minus any conjecture, misinformation and wishful thinking. Plans have been fairly solid for a few weeks but a couple of fairly significant issues needed to squared away. I have held back posting on this subject because I wanted to publish the full picture. However, rumour is everywhere so will give the current position.

No 20(R) Sqn will be providing a Harrier role demonstration this season at a restricted number of venues. The definition of a “display” as opposed to a “role demonstration” is largely an internal one that no one needs to be concerned about. Do not expect bangs! The Harrier will be doing those things the Harrier does best.

The display commitment by No 20(R) Sqn has to be worked around other normal sqn business. This has influenced the choice of venues, which are as follows:

24-25 May 09 – Southend
27-28 Jun 09 – Biggin Hill
4-5 Jul 09 – Waddington
11 Jul 09 – Yeovilton
18-19 Jul 09 – RIAT
29 Jul 09 – Culdrose
12 Sep 09 – Leuchars

In addition to the normal caveats, we do anticipate a change or two.