One month ago, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) had to announce that the prospects of seeing Vulcan XH558, the world’s only flying Vulcan, ever flying again were looking very poor as the result of the lack of cash, and that notices had had to be given to its employees that their jobs would end on Friday 6th March

With the launch of a Pledge Campaign to raise £1million, VTST based its future on the public’s affection for the Vulcan and their desire to see it fly.

As the deadline of the end of today approaches, the Pledge Campaign has this morning (11.00am) passed £956,835, pledged by over 9,821 supporters, and so has excellent prospects of passing its goal of £1million imminently.

This is the third time in seven years that the future of the Vulcan in flight has been saved by the support of thousands of members of the public, making XH558 “The People’s Aircraft”. Never has one historic aircraft owed so much to so many!

On their own, pledges can’t solve the Trust’s immediate cash problem, because they each need now to be converted into cash donations. The Trust is therefore very grateful to its sponsors, Aerobytes Ltd and Judd Power, who have today committed sufficient cash to keep the Trust going for another month, allowing time for the pledges to be redeemed.

As the result, VTST is delighted to announce that it is able to continue its activities on a more secure financial footing, and that the prospects of seeing the Vulcan fly in 2009 are now good.

For the past month, supporters of the Vulcan have been tireless in their fundraising activities, ranging from the cross-country Vulcan Scramble, to “Pledgathon” events across the UK. VTST is enormously grateful to all the members of the Vulcan to the Sky Club for their help.

There are well over 10 million young people who have never seen the Vulcan in flight. Following the success of the Pledge Campaign, these youngsters now have an opportunity to experience this inspirational “once seen, never forgotten” sight.

Because we cannot assume that all the pledges will be honoured, we are asking the the public to continue to pledge financial support, either through our website or by phone to our office on 0116 247 8145. We have demonstrated that even the smallest pledge helps, because it is people in their thousands who make the difference.

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