The 2010 Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team has been announced.

The positions for next year are:

Red 1 – Squadron Leader Ben Murphy

Red 2 – Flight Lieutenant Ben Plank

Red 3 – Flight Lieutenant Kirsty Moore

Red 4 – Flight Lieutenant Dave Davies

Red 5 – Flight Lieutenant Zane Sennett

Red 6 – Flight Lieutenant Mike Ling (Synchro Leader)

Red 7 – Flight Lieutenant David Montenegro

Red 8 – Squadron Leader Graham Duff

Red 9 – Flight Lieutenant Simon Rea (Executive Officer)

Red 10 – Squadron Leader Graeme Bagnall

Red 11 – Wing Commander David Firth-Wigglesworth

Senior Engineering Officer – Squadron Leader Garry Ball

Junior Engineering Officer – Flight Lieutenant Andy Bryant

Team Manager – Squadron Leader Jon Trott

Adjutant – Warrant Officer Alan Murray

Public Relations Manager – Nikki Wright

Public Relations Officer – Emma Thomas

Squadron Leader Ben Murphy will become Officer Commanding and Team Leader of the Red Arrows at the end of the 2009 season. He is currently Red 6 and will take over from Wing Commander Jas Hawker who is in his third and final year of leading the Team.

Squadron Leader Murphy says: “I am delighted to have been selected to lead the Team for the next three years. It’s a real privilege and an honour to have this opportunity.”