The report on the accident that took place at ‘The Shoreham Airshow’ in 2007 has just been published by ‘The Air Accident Investigation Board’.

It has now been confirmed that it was due to pilot error.  Brian Brown the pilot of The Hurricane who was sadly killed at the event did a roll that was not included in the plans for the scenario that were discussed prior to the display.

Don Bean MBE – Airshow Organiser said – “For us all at Shoreham it was a sad day as many of the team knew Brian very well having displayed over the years at our event. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.  Brian was a highly qualified display pilot and sadly sometimes things do not go to plan – we at Shoreham know he will be missed on the air display circuit by fellow pilots and the many display organisers.”

We now look forward to planning the 2010 Airshow which is being held on August 21st and 22nd which is what Brian would have wanted.

From BBC News

A fatal crash at an airshow in West Sussex was probably caused by an unplanned manoeuvre by the World War II fighter plane’s pilot, a report found.

Brian Brown, an experienced pilot from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, was flying the Hurricane when it crashed at Shoreham Airshow on 15 September 2007.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) report said Mr Brown had stated he would not be rolling the aircraft.

However, he did roll the privately-owned plane during a mock dogfight.

Although the aircraft’s airspeed was adequate, the AAIB report said, its pitch meant it had insufficient height for the stunt to be completed safely.

No evidence of any defect or malfunction that would have contributed to the accident was found in the Hurricane, the report added.

It concluded the crash “probably occurred as a result of the pilot attempting an unplanned rolling manoeuvre” which had not been practised as part of the sequence.

The report recommended the sequence of manoeuvres should be clearly specified in advance of flying displays.

After the accident, Mr Brown’s colleagues at the Real Aeroplane Company in Breighton, North Yorkshire, described him as “one of the most experienced Hurricane pilots in the country”.

He had been flying the plane for 10 years and had amassed 400 hours’ flying time.

Mr Brown had taken part in major air shows around Europe but was not originally due to fly at the event in Shoreham. He volunteered his services due to a shortage of available pilots.

His plane crashed into a field about one-mile north of the airshow.