Red Bull Air Race Pilot Nigel Lamb is travelling 10,500 miles to visit the Temora Aviation Museum, Australia and take the opportunity to display one or both of the museums Mk XVI and MkVIII Spitfires on 28th & 29th November.

Nigel Lamb comments; ‘I am excited to be participating in the next flying day. My first visit to Temora was before the museum was built and my last was in 2001 to fly the Mk Vlll Spitfire in its inaugural display with the museum. Coincidently, I flew the MK XVl’s last display in New Zealand at Wanaka in 2006 so it’ll be a special pleasure for me to see her in her new home’

On this trip Nigel will team up with fellow air-race rival Matt Hall who will be displaying a P-51 Mustang that he part shares. These two fiercely competitive pilots last met in Barcelona, for the finale of the Red Bull Air Race World Championships, and both ended up with podium positions. Nigel Lamb, second in the Barcelona Race, and Matt Hall third in the overall championships, a great result for his rookie year.

‘Aside from getting an update on developments at TAM, It’ll be fantastic to participate in an event alongside Matt Hall rather than as a competitor in the Red Bull Air Race’ Said Nigel ‘Matt has had an exceptional debut year. To have finished third overall is a truly amazing result. Matt has set the bar very high and left many of us with plenty to do next year’

Matt Hall comments; “It is not often you get a pilot the calibre of Nigel Lamb in Australia and I am honoured to be able to do some demonstrations with he and David Lowy, who himself is an extremely capable airman.”

This will be an excellent opportunity for the two pilots to fly for pleasure in place of podiums, share a mutual appreciation of vintage aircraft and show their unique ability to fly them. These machines are to be admired not pushed to their limits; the question is… who will lead the formation? Or who will win the race to the bar afterwards?

David Lowy AM President and Founder of the Temora Aviation Museum concludes; ‘Nigel is a long-time friend of the Museum and has provided a valuable contribution to the standards and safety culture at the Museum over the years. It is a privilege that we have the opportunity to benefit from someone of his experience and skill. Visitors to the Museum will also be able to meet Nigel and hear first hand of his many experiences flying Warbirds, Aerobatics and Racing in the Red Bull Air Race.”