AeroSuperBatics Ltd, operators of the world’s only formation wingwalking team, is delighted to announce an exciting 2 year sponsorship deal with prestigious watch manufacturer Breitling.

AeroSuperBatics Ltd has enjoyed a long association with the luxury Swiss watch brand, who will be sponsoring the formation pair of Boeing Stearman wingwalking biplanes. The display team is thrilled with the new paint scheme for the aircraft, specially designed by Breitling and looking forward to dazzling millions of spectators at events across the UK and Europe as the ‘Breitling Wingwalkers’.

Breitling has been a leading manufacturer of high quality chronometers since 1884 and has always been closely associated with supplying products to aviation professionals. With over 25 years experience of precision display flying, AeroSuperBatics Ltd is honoured to represent the Breitling brand.

Team Leader Vic Norman – “We are extremely pleased to have secured sponsorship from a prestigious brand like Breitling. It is one which has a long standing relationship with the aviation world, especially airshow display acts, and we are already looking forward to working with them next season and beyond.”

From 2010 the Breitling Wingwalkers will take to the skies performing a breathtaking sequence of formation loops and rolls, while daring wingwalkers performing acrobatics on the wings.