This years ‘Shoreham Airshow’ has broken all records for raising funds for ‘The Royal Air Forces Association’. A cheque in excess of £155,000 will be handed over to the association in the near future. Don Bean MBE the airshow organiser said. “I am delighted to be able to hand over this amount to RAFA. A lot of effort by the team at Shoreham has made this possible. One also must remember that they are all volunteers with many non members mixing with members of Shoreham RAFA to run it. I do hope that Headquarters appreciate our efforts – as in the current economic climate this is a lot of money to be raised for one charity and we trust that this will be spent wisely.”

“The 2010 event is now being planned,” said John Periam, the Airshow Press Officer, adding, “It will centre on the 70th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain and the 100th Anniversary of Shoreham Airport, the oldest airport in the country. This year’s show received very high praise from the aviation media classing it now as one of the best in the UK.  It is run to high standards by a small dedicated team that has gained a wealth of knowledge over the past 20 year’s.”

“The visit this year by the ‘Chief of The Air Staff , Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton, was great honour for us all. Little did Peter Eager our Display Director and I know what we were letting ourselves in for when we had a small Fete in the eastern corner of the airfield all those years ago. A lot older and a lot wiser we hope that we will be able to find some new members to join our busy team to keep the event going on for another 20 years!” said Don. “I would also like to add that we cannot run this show without our many sponsors who support us in a variety of ways along, with the local and national media.” He added, “Next years dates are fixed for August 21st and 22nd. To date we have now raised in excess of well over £1.5million for RAFA putting us well on the way to reaching that magic two million pounds.”