2010 sees 100 years since the FIRST International Flight Meeting held in Scotland, only the 2nd aviation event ever staged in the UK. Adding to that the Perth800 celebrations, a number of other important Scottish Aviation Anniversaries along with the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, a 2 day aviation Spectacular is to be staged at Perth Airport to CELEBRATE in Style and pay tribute to the best of Scottish Aviation and help raise funds for the RAF Benevolent Fund and other charities!

Morris Leslie, ACS Flight Training and the Scottish Aero Club have teamed up with Arbroath based Squadron Prints Ltd to stage a unique event which is hoped both local and International aviators will take part and attract people from far and wide to enjoy a great weekend of ‘in flight’ entertainment. Ground and Static displays, with transport and engineering past and present as the theme, will entertain both young and old alike! Pleasure flights will also be available in the Classic Flight Collection’s DH Rapide, “Loop the Loop” their Chipmunk or “Hover in a Chopper”.

In August 1910 the FIRST Scottish International Flight Meeting was held at Lanark using aircraft like the Bleriot, the Farman and engines like the Gnome, Wright and ENV. Some 100 years later a centenary committee was re-formed in Lanark to endeavour to recreate a tribute event but the lack of facilities at Lanark made it impossible so their plans were sadly laid to rest. Gill Howie of Squadron Prints was deeply disappointed to hear that nothing would be done to mark this important anniversary so contacted Lanark. After several discussions a Centenary Event will be held on the 5th and 6th June, 2010 at Perth. 1910 saw over 230,000 people watch these Pioneers of Aviation take to the clear skies of Scotland – some 22 entrants from 7 countries took part. Gill has invited an aircraft from each of the representative countries – the UK of course, the USA, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Peru. Each country has acknowledged the importance of the Lanark event by trying support the show, which will be staged in association with the Lanark Aviation Centenary Committee.

Sadly the skies above Perth will not be graced with the sight and sound of the Famous Bleriot aircraft as flown at Lanark but what WILL be attending the Perth Event will be the equally iconic Spitfire and Hurricane to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Scotland’s Squadrons played a vital role in World War Two, 612 (City of Aberdeen) Squadron was involved in many roles and the fighter pilots from 602(City of Glasgow) Squadron and 603(City of Edinburgh) Squadron both claiming the earliest of enemy hits over the River Forth, but also taking part in the Battle of Britain. The last remaining Fighter Squadron currently serving in Scotland is 111 (F) Squadron currently based at RAF Leuchars. “Treble One” is now in its final year of operation with the mighty Tornado F3 Fighter and remains on constant stand-by 24 hours a day 7 days a week to launch a Quick Reaction Alert against any unknown aircraft. They too took part in the Battle of Britain and the Hurricane coming to Perth actually served on the squadron. A selection of aircraft portraying Scotland’s Aviation Heritage and current days operations will be on show at the event and updates will be announced on the website – http://www.perthairshow.co.uk
Trade Stalls and Hospitality Packages are also available from the website!