Vulcan to the Sky . . . . Once again!

Vulcan to the Sky . . . . One again!

The Vulcan to the Sky trust has received an anonomous donation of £458,000 securing the short term future of the project. The donation has meant the £800,000 target of funding by the end of march has been exceeded allowing work to return XH558 back to the air for the 2010 airshow season to move forward. The trust now have to collect the thousands pledged over the last few months

This year sees XH558 celebrate it’s 50th birthday. Marshalls of Cambridge will be undertaking some life extension work on the aircraft which should see it remain airworthy beyond the 2010 airshow season.

The letter from Dr Robert Pleming this morning read as follows:-

There can now be no doubt that XH558 has a guardian angel looking after her: I can now confirm some really good news that vastly changes the status of our current Appeal.

Shortly, the Results Graph on our appeal site will show a massive increase due to a fantastic confirmed donation of £458,000! The donor has asked to remain anonymous, but I can reassure you that he is fully aware of the significance of this contribution.

As the result, I have pleasure in confirming that the Board of Trustees has decided that VTST now has sufficient funding in place to go forward with the planned engineering programme, and onward to the 2010 Display Season.

We have to temper this great news with the fact that our Public Appeal has been waning compared with previous years, probably as a result of the poor economic conditions and the weariness of boom and bust cycles.

Our main drive this year will be to finally put XH558 onto a firm business footing, with many new income generation schemes: Educational Lectures, New Merchandise, Regional Sponsorship, Competitions, and of course, an ongoing Annual Appeal. We must acknowledge we will continue to need public support, but gear the appeal over the whole year.

We will now focus our campaign on the 50th Birthday Appeal, which will also be marketed through our World Record attempt for signatures on XH558’s Birthday Card, until we launch our fresh campaign in May, aimed at taking XH558 on into 2011.

Very soon, those who have pledged will be receiving their “redemption” letters. Please await their arrival before making payment, so we can accurately record details and apply Gift Aid if applicable.

Your continuing support is much appreciated by everyone who appreciates what XH558 represents and by all those who have helped XH558 over the years. She is adored and appreciated by people all over the world. She is quite simply – the one and only!

Each and every one of us owes a deep debt of gratitude to every individual who contributed, no matter how small their donation, for keeping the dream alive.

My sincerest thanks and best wishes to you all,

Dr Robert Pleming