From Docklands 24

THIS weekend’s London City Airport Fun Day will have virtually no links to planes or air travel.

The annual event will take place this Saturday at the Thames Barrier Park – the first time it has moved out of the airport itself.

The move came because expected visitor numbers in excess of 25,000 meant the show could not be staged at the Royal Docks airport.

But London City has confirmed the move means the air show – normally the centre-piece of the fun day – will not be included in the event. Indeed, the only link to the air will be a flight simulator provided by British Airways.

“Due to the relocation of Fun Day to Thames Barrier Park the airport is unable to secure a license for an airshow,” said a spokeswoman.

Instead, the fun day will have more of a village fete feel, with a host of games and attractions aimed at the whole family.

But the decision has disappointed many people who were looking forward to the array of historic aircraft that usually attend the show.

In 2009 visitors were able to see many old favourites, including a rare two-seater Spitfire, a Second World War Hurricane and wing walkers.

Subscribers to the Docklands in London website have voiced their displeasure at the cutbacks, with one asking: “If there is no airshow (and let’s face it, that was the main attraction), what are the attractions? Why would anyone consider going?

“Only the simulator has anything to do with flying and airports. Way to go guys… great way to stuff what used to be a good event. I’m not going to waste my time for four hours of kiddy crap.”

Another writer added: “An airport funday – not at the airport and with no airshow? Delete.”

Every penny raised goes to Richard House Children’s Hospice, which provide care and respite to families and children with life-limited illnesses.

Admission is free and the doors are open from 11.30am to 3.30pm.