NEW YORK – Following the Red Bull Air Race investigation into Australian pilot Matt Hall’s aviation mishap in Windsor last week, the Race Committee have imposed sanctions resulting in Hall not being permitted to compete in New York.

As part of the standard aviation operating procedures, the Red Bull Air Race’s Technical Director, the Race Director and the Sporting Medical Director were required to investigate the June 5 incident in which Hall’s race plane splashed off the surface of the Detroit River. This incident followed a sequence of earlier events which were also taken into consideration including a wing stall in Perth and disqualification in Rio for dangerous flying.

Hall was not hurt in the incident in Windsor; however, his MXS-R race plane sustained minor damage to an aileron and landing gear wheel cover, when its wing and landing gear skimmed off the surface of the Detroit River during a Qualifying session run. Hall was disqualified from the Qualifying session.

Following the investigation, a recommendation was made to the Race Committee including sanctions as well as a formal proposal to ensure Hall’s safe return to the Championship.

The Race Committee has approved the recommendations including sanctions preventing him from competing in Championship round in New York. Hall will, however, be permitted to participate in a step down training program in New York as part of the process to return him to full competition status.

The former Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilot, who was the most successful rookie in Red Bull Air Race history last year with third place overall, did not take part in the June 6 race in Windsor. Hall, 38, is currently in fifth place in the world championship with 22 points from four races.