This years RAFA Shoreham Airshow has been chosen by the Royal Air Forces Association to launch their 2010 Wings Appeal.  Director of Fund Raising Rachel Huxford said, “Shoreham has now raised over £1,500,000 for our organisation from its airshow’s with a record sum last year of over £160,000 and we felt it is time the organising team under Don Bean MBE received the thank you they fully deserved from RAFA.  Shoreham 21st airshow is an ideal venue to launch our Wings Appeal for this year which provides friendship, help and support to all those who have served or are serving in today’s Royal Air Force and their dependants.”

“Over 30 displays will be taking place this year at Shoreham with more than 60 aircraft in attendance. We are pleased to announce (subject to operational commitments) that the RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Team will be doing a dedicated fly though each day with other aircraft (to be confirmed).  Several of the Red Arrow pilots in the past have flown at Shoreham as display pilots and some will be flying over the display weekend so we felt it would be a nice way to show how much we appreciate Shoreham’s efforts,” Rachel added.

The Blades Aerobatic Team will also be displaying both days in their new RAFA colour scheme under the team leadership of Myles Garland.  All the current pilots are ex Red Arrows.  There will also be three RAF Harriers at the show with one displaying and the others on static.  It is interesting to know that many of the current Red’s and past display pilots have flow the Harrier on operational duties. Andy Offer OBE who founded the Blades Team and was a past team leader for the Reds also displayed the Harrier at Shoreham.

“An ideal way of forging the links of aircraft and display pilots that have attended the show over the years and we are really looking forward to it,” said Don Bean MBE Airshow Organiser.

BBC South Today will also be broadcasting their Friday evening programme on 20th August live from the airport with Sally Taylor at the helm.  For more information go to