From the RAF Hawk Display Facebook pages and official website:-

It is with considerable regret that Flt Lt Tom Saunders has been withdrawn from his role as the Hawk solo Display Pilot for the remainder of the Summer display season. This follows an incident which took place recently involving the Hawk Display aircraft.

The RAF is aware of how popular the Hawk solo display is and apologises for any disappointment caused. Unfortunately, it is not possible to find a replacement display pilot in time for the remainder of the current season but we are looking at whether it is possible to offer alternatives to the solo Hawk display at the scheduled events instead

Why has the RAF cancelled the solo Hawk Display?

� An incident has occurred involving the pilot of the RAF Hawk Display aircraft, who has since been withdrawn from his role. The incident is being investigated and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.

How long is this cancellation going to be in effect ?

� Unfortunately, it will not be possible to restore the full Hawk display during the current season but alternatives are being considered.

Is this linked to the grounding of the Hawk fleet ?

� No, this is unrelated to the ongoing safety checks of the Hawk ejection seats.

Why not get another display pilot?

� It is not possible to substitute another pilot at this late stage in the season as it takes months of practice to learn the display and achieve the high quality performance.

What about the Hawk Display fundraising activities for the RAF Benevolent Fund?

� The Hawk Display team is involved in fundraising activities for the RAF Benevolent Fund. The RAF regrets any impact the cancellation of the solo Hawk Display may have on these fundraising activities and is looking at alternatives to mitigate any loss in fundraising.