Translated from AFP

Local officials have confirmed that the 2009 world aerobatic champion, Renaud Ecalle, was killed on Sunday in Southern France following a plane crash along with his wife and their two children.

Renauld and his family were flying a Jodel DR-1050. Aircraft wreckage was found on Monday to the  northwest of the city of Lodève after the aircraft went missing at 1730 GMT on Sunday evening when air traffic controllers at Montpellier lost contact with it.

Renaud Ecalle was returning from an airshow in Jonzac to his base at Salon-de-Provence, where he had conducted an aerobatic demonstration,

The causes of the accident is not known, but the Herault area where the plane crashed was on a weather alert during Sunday due to forecast heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

Renauld was a pilot with  “L’equipe Voltiage” of the French Air Force and former fighter pilot on Mirage F1. Renaud Ecalle was crowned world champion aerobatic champion in 2009 at Silverstone and was also European champion in 2010.