An iconic Russian combat jet will be a star item in RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2011’s Flying Display. Making a first-time appearance at the show, a MiG-29 is the latest addition to this year’s line-up of modern military airpower. Presented by the Polish Air Force, the MiG-29 will showcase many of the outstanding capabilities that keep it among the most proficient and potent jet fighters in service today.

 The MiG-29 was developed in the 1970s as an advanced, fourth-generation fighter to replace the likes of the MiG-21 in Russian Air Force service. Twin-tailed, with long, prominent air intakes, Mach 2-capable, extremely agile and equipped with seven weapons hardpoints for the carriage of bombs, rockets and missiles, the MiG-29 is an extremely capable and effective air superiority fighter.

 The type has been thrilling airshow audiences with its power and its sheer manoeuvrability since the late 1980s but, in more recent years, chances to see the MiG-29 in Western European skies have become increasingly rarer.

 “The MiG-29 is a fantastic addition to the line-up and an example that has never been seen at an Air Day.  This is an extremely rare opportunity to see a former Eastern bloc type extensively used during the Cold War.  We look forward to welcoming the Polish Air Force and their display to Air Day” says Commander Ric Fox, Air Display Director.

To date, well over 1,500 examples of this aircraft have been produced and Poland presently operates upwards of 30 of these. The Polish Air Force has attended previous Air Days but this will be its first flying contribution to the show and, potentially, the only MiG-29 display in the UK this year.

The Polish military’s involvement to the show also includes a CASA C-295 transport aircraft and a M28 Bryza maritime patrol aircraft, which joins other NATO assets in the Air Day Static Display.

The current list of participating aircraft can be viewed at  Tickets are available online or via the ticketline on 08445 781 781