The first full week of January brings the second Airshow committee meeting. The Christmas and New Year festivities mean there’s a bit of a lull in progress, though the Website team have managed to get the ticket sales under way as well as get all the forms for traders, charities and the executive marquee on-line.

However, it is perhaps time to think aviation in terms of the displays that will grace Shoreham’s skies in September. The first few acts have started making enquiries and sending in quotes for consideration by the flying display sub-committee while we wait for the all important military allocations to be made public.

As touched on in the last blog the central theme will the 100th Anniversary of the Central Flying School and that does open up some possibilities for some interesting types for the flying and static displays. One recent addition to the display circuit does catch the eye but we will have to see if budget and logistics fall into place.  Feedback from last years show highlighted a lack of jets and we’re certainly determined to remedy that shortcoming. It is actually a tough problem to solve as military air arms are cutting back their airshow participation quite significantly – for example to the Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 will only likely attend 10 events during the 2012 season. It will therefore fall to the expensive classic jets to fill the void and a whole spectrum of jets will be looked at inside and outside of the CFS theme.

Balancing the flying display is key to a successful event and there will be the usual mix of entertaining civilian acts and warbirds in the show. Also, I hope there may one or two aircraft appearing that will be a little out of the ordinary!

An all important part of running an airshow is organising accommodation from all the display crews which is another aspect of the show that is planned well in advance. One of the unexpected bonuses of moving the airshow date has been that despite losing one of the usual aircrew hotels (it was closed over the winter) the event no longer clashes with an bowls tournament in nearby Worthing! It is often surprising just how many external influences there are when running large events such as airshows!

One item of news we can reveal is that as well as the airshow, we are planning a special event for anyone interested in photography to be held on the evening of 18th April. Renowned air to air photographer Geoffrey Lee (Planefocus) will be giving a special presentation on his years as a photographer for British Aerospace and various military air arms. Keep an eye on the Shoreham Airshow website for details in the near future!

Tickets for this year’s show can be bought from the airshow website: Please visit for more details.