From RAF Leuchars Website

The Royal Air Force Typhoon Display Team 2012 will be based at RAF Leuchars in Scotland with the pilot and ground support team being provided by Number 6 Squadron in addition to their Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) mission.

Typhoon’s deployment in support of the UN mission in Libya last year meant that there was no Typhoon Display in 2011. The honour of providing the Display Team previously belonged to RAF Coningsby and Number 29 (Reserve) Squadron, the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU), which is responsible for the initial training of RAF Typhoon pilots and engineers.

Air Officer Scotland and Station Commander RAF Leuchars, Air Commodore Gavin Parker said:

“Typhoon has always had phenomenal potential and in recent years we have seen it prove its agility and adaptability as a highly capable multi-role combat aircraft. In addition to the QRA mission that the Typhoon performs here in the UK and in the Falkland Islands, 2011 saw the aircraft demonstrate its multi-role capabilities in a combat environment protecting the civilian population of Libya, where it conducted both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions.

“The Typhoon Force continues to grow both in terms of size and capability and RAF Leuchars is at the centre of that development. We are extremely proud to be given the task of reintroducing the Typhoon aerobatic display and showcasing the aircraft’s capabilities to the public.

“This is another feather in the cap for 6 Squadron. As the third front line Typhoon squadron to form, they have achieved a great deal in first establishing and then growing the Typhoon force in Scotland, whilst maintaining QRA for the Northern UK, contributing to the UN mission in Libya and conducting the first deployment of Tranche 2 Typhoon as part of Exercise BERSAMA LIMA in Malaysia.”

Once the display pilot and the support team have been established, they will begin practising the routine which will be the highlight of a number of flying events around the UK later this year. The full schedule will be confirmed in due course.

Air Commodore Parker continued:

“6 Squadron will be getting to grips with this new role over the coming weeks, selecting the key personnel from across the engineering and support trades to support our display pilot. A considerable amount of work will go into perfecting the display with practice flights each morning and afternoon of the working week.

“We will ensure that the local community, particularly our schools, are given advance notice of this extra activity and we hope that as many of the people of Scotland as possible will come and enjoy the display’s ‘home performance’ at our Air Show on 15 September.”