Military & Flying Machines Show, the fastest growing military show in Essex at Damyns Hall Aerodrome in Upminster, for a great family fun day at a family friendly price on the 4th & 5th August 2012.

The Military and Flying Machines is proud to announce that we are listed as a “parallel event” for the 2012 Olympics, and the only air display featuring both the Sally B and BBMF Lancaster over that period, so we are welcoming many visitors to the Olympics who will take the time out to visit this magnificent and hugely entertaining show and sample a little bit of British heritage, history and hospitality. Most of all we are pleased to announce the return of B-17 Sally B who will once again grace the skies of Upminster in the best way she can, last years display was magnificent and we are sure the 2012 display will be even better.

In addition we are honoured to have the fantastic BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane, with the Lancaster attending on both days. A Hurribomber, the Spirit of Kent Spitfire will be giving its usual awesome Damyns Hall displays, and much more, including no less that three WW2 German Luftwaffe aircraft some of who will be performing an airfield attack on Damyns Hall Aerodrome!

On the ground we have another excellent line up over the two days with the chance to embark on a military odyssey and see hundreds of classic military vehicles and tanks, re-enactment displays depicting life in the military (of many nations) from medieval times right up to the modern day with accurate uniforms and authentic equipment giving a realistic insight into the life of the soldier.

There are many things that will entertain and educate, in both war and peace, from a newly liberated French café to a live wartime cookery demonstration, from Germans entrenched in the bitter cold of the eastern front to the uplifting and carefree swing dancing of the 40s to the modern British army in Afghanistan’s combined ops to a submarine conning tower in the middle of the airfield!.

Experience a taste and atmosphere of British military heritage without leaving Upminster. Back by popular demand will be our wonderful live ‘wartime’ entertainment in our huge marquee all day, including a “Big Band”, the “Polka Dot Girls” A salute to the 40’s style all girl singing group and “Annie Andrews”, our gorgeous 40’s pin-up singer, and join in the swinging dancing lessons!

Come and meet our Veterans and Chelsea pensioners, see the marching band, experience the flight simulator and wander around our massive militaria fair and family stalls! Helicopter and tank rides and activities for the kids including mini Jeep, Land rover and tank rides, military mayhem lets loose when the kids learn drill with “Major Headache” and so much more there will be lots for the whole family to do!

Saturday Display: Lancaster (BBMF), Spitfire (BBMF), Hurricane (BBMF), Spitfire (Spirit of Kent), Hurribomber, Jung Meister, P51 Mustang Replica, Harvard, Eindecker, ME 108 and Bucker Bestmann.

Sunday Display: Lancaster (BBMF), Spitfire (Spirit of Kent), Hurribomber (or Kittyhawk), B 17 Sally B, Mustang Replica, Jungmeister, Harvard, Eindecker, ME 108 and Bucker Bestmann

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