For the first time ever the Republic of Korea Air Force will be seen in the skies above the RAF Waddington International Air Show this summer, with their Black Eagles Display Team, in what will be the team’s very first UK air show appearance.  The team, who reformed in 2009 to fly the indigenous T-50 Golden Eagle training aircraft, will arrive in the UK in mid-June and then display at RAF Waddington before moving onto RIAT and Farnborough. 

The T-50 is an advanced jet trainer first flew in 2002 and is capable of Supersonic speeds.  The type has also been modified into a light attack aircraft, has been exported to Indonesia and is being marketed across the globe for various next generation trainer programmes. The Black Eagles, resplendent in their black, gold and white colours scheme are the international ambassadors for the Republic of Korea, they fly with 8 aircraft, in both formation and synchro manoeuvres. 

 Their display at the RAF Waddington International Air Show will be their debut appearance in the UK and make Republic of Korea the 36th nation to appear at the event since 1995 and the 18th nation to take part in 2012 the RAF Waddington International Air Show.  The Black Eagles display at Waddington will be part of an unprecedented line-up of international display flying from the UK, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, USA, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom.   The flying display will be further bolstered with an impressive line-up of aircraft in the static line –up from: UK, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Australia, Algeria and Qatar.