From EDP

A meeting of the organising committee last week was told the sad news that the first-ever weekend event had failed to raise the sums necessary to make it a viable proposition to go ahead with an airshow next year.

In fact it was only because the organisers had a small wet weather contingency reserve fund that all the costs for the event could just be met at all – leaving the reserves at rock bottom.

The popular event, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people, has been running for 16 years – but today, organisers have confirmed that the show will not go-ahead next year.

Managing Director Paul Bayfield said: “It is with much regret and a lot of sadness that I have to report that we do not have sufficient funds to go ahead with an Air Show next year.

“The event has been running for 16 years and has only survived that long because of the wonderful support that has been forthcoming. Unfortunately this year we have become another victim of the vagaries of the British weather.”

This year’s show took place on June 23/24 and was considered the best show ever by many in terms of the flying displays.