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The Shuttleworth Collection's Autumn Air Display is the last chance to see some of the collection's aircraft in the air before the winter and a final chance to enjoy the unique atmosphere at an Old Warden show. This year's autumn show was particularly significant as it finally saw Peter Holloway's Klemm 35D back in the air as well as some very enjoyable visiting acts. Paul Johnson/Flightline UK reports. All photography copyright of author.

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The Great War
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The Jet Age
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The Ryans
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Cold War Trainers
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The Luftwaffe
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Miss Kenya
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Heavy Metal
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The weather had looked fairly decent for the Old Warden show, but high pressure can bring cloudy conditions too and that's exactly what prevailed for the last show of the season. Like most of the other venues around the country this year, Old Warden has endured enough bad weather this year which even forced the early cancellation of their summer air display in July. However, it was still a succesful year with a number of unique and special moments. One of the joys of Old Warden is the totally relaxed atmosphere, you don't have to be there escpeacially early and you don't have to bag a seat on the crowd line early. The morning can be spent taking a leisurely walk round the various hangers and exhibitions at the museum or wandering into the Swiss Garden for some quiet time. This year, Nick Barnard was signing copies of his new book, "How to fly a Plane" in the shop and there was also a sizable area of the usual airshow traders.

Unservicability claimed a few of the visiting participants but as usual Shuttleworth Collection shows always have a good range of aircraft drawn from their own collection. This year has been slightly odd for visitors with some of the aircraft being rested while others have been in long term maintenance such as the collection's own Spitfire Vc and the SE5a.

The afternoon's flying kicked off with one of the newer aircraft in the collection, the Percival Provost T1 in it's somewhat unusual camoflage scheme and it's surprising aerobatic performer. Another cold war trainer on charge with the collection is the DHC-1 Chipmunk in it's Canadian scheme. Like the Provost it can give a worthy aerobatic performer despite it's fuel system which doesn't like inverted or negative-g flight. The largest aircarft in the display was BAE System's wonderful Avro 19 Anson which is based with the collection. It's an impressive performer on such a short strip as that at Old Warden. It was followed into the air by a couple of other Avro products, the fragile Avro 504K and the shiny Avro Tutor.

The Redstarz

A new act on the display circuit this year are the Redstarz. They are a unique team of Yak-52 and Su-29 aerobatic two seaters. flown  by Peter Scandrett and Nick Barnard. Nicm has recently published a book called "How to fly a Plane" and features first hand accounts on how aircraft fly and their different characteristics and has received rave reviews from national newspapers and he was signing copies of the book in the msueum shop.

World War One types such as the Avro 504 form a strong part of the Collection and it's flying displays. The Bristol M1C failed to get into the air but the sky was soon graced by the majestic sight of the Bristol F2B Fighter, Sopwith Triplane and Sopwith Pup wth all the associated small of oil and the sound of blipping engines.

The inter war years on the civilian scene were ably represented by the really quite beautiful DH51 Miss Kenya. This large bi-plane has had an interesting history that has seen it brought to the collection. Another insight in 1920's flying was brought in with collection's "Barnstorming" display involving Peter Holloway's Miles Hawk Trainer, the collection's Miles Magister, De Havilland Tiger Moth and the Chipmunk. The four aircraft were involved with flour bombing, limbo flying and cballon bursting in a similar display given by the much smaller Turbulent Team.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was a display of wartime German training aircraft. It was kicked off by a aerobatic solo display by the collection's own Jungmann and was subsequently joined by Peter Holloway's quite incredible collection of aircraft. This collection was purchased from RLM Aviation after they were in difficulties and Peter has seen the projects through to their certifcation to fly which at times has been a frustrating process. This show was the first time that the Fw44 Steiglitz, Bucker Bestmann and Klemm 35D had all flown together and it made for a great sight over Old Warden. Peter also has his Ryan PT-22 in the display along with the other of the type based at Old Warden.

Visiting displays are always a welcome part of Old Warden's flying displays. First of these were the Redstarz team of Yak-52 and Su-29 aerobatics aircraft giving an exciting display despite the clag. Also visiting from nearby North Weald was Mark Hooten in the wonderful De Havilland Vampire T11.

Also from North Weald was Peter Teichman and his P-51D Mustang which gave one of the best performances of the afternoon in the fading light. Another piece of visiting heavy metal was the Seafire XVII from Kennet Aviation and currently based at RNAS Yeovilton with the Royal Navy Historic Flight.

The main part of the air display concluded with the collection's own fourship of airworthy heavy metal. Leading the formation and concluding the display was the Westland Lysander, a firm favourite at the Collection. Another pair of favourites are the quite stunning Hawker Hind and Gloster Gladiator which represent the ultimate biplane combat aircraft with the RAF. With no Spitfire flying this year again, it's been up to the Sea Hurricane IB to provide the Merlin song over Old Warden.

At the end of the displays throughout the season, if the wind is calm enough the crowds are often treated to some flying by the Edwardian aircraft and for the final display of the year we were lucky once again. Old Warden's display year concluded with displays from the Avro Triplane, Blackburn Monoplane and the Deperdussin. It's been another stellar year at Old Warden, one of which may have been trying at times with the weather but ultimately a successful one with some highly enjoyable and varied displays.

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