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Any event organised by the team at Goodwood is always worth visiting, but this year's 3rd Vintage Fly-In & Display promised to be the best yet. However, the fickle British weather gods tried their best to put a massive spanner in the works with forecasts of driving rain and high winds over both days that the show was to be held. Simon Fenwick reports for Flightline UK. All photography copyright of Author unless stated.

As with the famous Revival Meeting held each September, all aircraft invited to fly-in or display were older than the cut-off date of 1966, the year that the circuit originally closed down. Over 100 were expected, but due to that weather around 90 didn't make it on the Sunday (the event was totally cancelled on the Monday due to waterlogging and very high winds). However, the promised rain didn't materialise on the first day and in fact by mid-afternoon, sunscreen and short sleeves were the order of the day.

Exciting New Partnership for fly2help and ‘The Six’

fly2help were delighted to announce at Goodwood, an exciting new partnership with ‘The Six’ – the remarkable Douglas DC-6A Cloudmaster, an iconic 1950’s airliner, owned & managed by the Air Atlantique Classic Flight based at Coventry.

The Kemble based aviation charity, fly2help, was born from a deep appreciation of the worth, strength and overall enchantment of aviation.  As a charity that shares access to the beauty of our skies, the DC-6’s stunning and powerful air display typifies the energy and spirit of fly2help.

“It is an enormous honour for fly2help to have a strong link to such a magnificent historic aircraft and we are hugely excited by the new partnership; we believe it is the perfect vehicle to assist help fly2help in its aims” said Mandy Pantall of fly2help.

Via the medium of flight, fly2help encourages individuals and families who need a life boost to reach for the sky.  The Chief Executive of the charity, Phill O’Dell, Chief Test Pilot for Rolls-Royce at Filton, explained “fly2help supports those who have suffered trauma or tragedy; typically those dealing with life-limiting and chronic illness, bereavement, and individuals who can really benefit from a chance to quite literally leave their worries on the ground and look at the world from a new perspective.  An experience with fly2help can help to stretch the physical, mental and emotional boundaries that are often placed around individuals, as well as helping to increase imagination, self-esteem and confidence.”

Julian Firth, Chief Pilot for the ‘Six’, first became aware of the charity last summer during a visit to Kemble Airport.  Julian recognised the synergy between both organisations and the joint desire to share the privileges of aviation, and wasting no time, he approached fly2help about joining forces.

Having enjoyed a tremendous debut airshow season in 2007, Julian and the DC6 will undoubtedly draw in the crowds during 2008. “There are many ways that ‘The Six’ and it’s display programme can assist in fundraising, as well as raising the awareness of such a great charity;  we are really excited by this tremendous opportunity ” says Julian

Both organisations are looking forward to a joint presence at a number of airshows later this year, where the teams will be delighted to share the joy of this classic propliner and to tell spectators more about both organisations.

If you would like to support fly2help, you can find out more now, or donate on-line at www.  Their work, along with the very nature of flying, involves huge costs, ranging from the fuel expenditure all the way through to the aircraft themselves; therefore, it really is only through the generous donations and support of others, that they can fund their ambitious aims and make such a difference.  

For more information on ‘The Six’, please check-out their website at

(DC-6 Photos by Keith Burton)

Taking pride of place in front of the Aero Club was the replica prototype Spitfire from Solent Sky and for a donation the cockpit could be viewed.

As always a wonderful view could be had from the very relaxed atmosphere of the lawn of the various aircraft that had made it to the event. These included the Spitfire and Mustang from the Old Flying Machine Company at Duxford, without which no aviation related event at Goodwood would be complete. Other visitors were Pete Kynsey's diminutive Cosmic Wind air racer, Anna Walker's Bucker Jungmann, Andrew Dixon's Pembroke over from Bournemouth, a Pilatus P-2 from Earl's Colne and the Great War Display Team of replica Sopwith Triplane, two SE5a replicas, a couple of Junkers CL.1s (complete with dummy rear gunners!) and what must be the nicest Fokker Dr. Triplane replica that I have ever seen. One mustn't forget the Goodwood Aero Club's own pride and joy namely their Harvard IIB which I remember many years ago when it was based at Blackbushe in RAF Training Colours.

Joining the line was a Boeing Stearman from Vic Norman's Aerosuperbatics Team Guinot wingwalker team. Originally, there was due to be a second aircraft from the team on site, butthis was stuck at their base at Rendcomb in Gloucestershire Sarah Tanner with 'the cloud on the ground'. Vic therefore gave a wonderful solo routine with on the wing. Sarah was obviously relishing the event and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere and was beaming all afternoon.

Over by the hangars, a large space had been created for the aircraft that had originally been expected had the weather played ball. What was missing in quantity however was certainly made up by quality with a pretty rare sighting of four of the delightful Luscombe Silvaire's parked in a line. Each was in immaculate condition and positively gleamed in the crisp sunlight. Also present were a Taylorcraft 12D, Jodel, Auster and a gorgeous Bucker Jungmeister. Hopefully 2009 will bring better weather so that the aircraft, which are all specially invited, can fill this area.

This was the first year that an actual flying display had been arranged - though aerial activity had been part of the event in the previous two years on an informal basis. The beauty of the Goodwood Airfield is its curved nature and glorious Sussex backdrop. With the coast not far away, clear air is usually guaranteed. Most of the aircraft that had flown in took part - with the exception of the Luscombes, Jungmeister, Jodel and Auster.

Anna Walker was spectacular as usual in the Jungmann and Andrew Dixon displayed the Pembroke. On a much smaller scale was Pete Kynsey in the Cosmic Wind, which was followed by the only jet participant in the shape of Delta Jet's Hunter T.7 in the colours of The Blue Diamonds display team. Not to be outdone, the Chichester Model Aircraft club had put together an excellent display of radio controlled flying which included: Extra 300, Eurofighter Typhoon, DH.110, Spitfire, Swordfish, Airspeed Oxford and a very well flown jet assisted glider among many others.

The Swift Aerobatic Display Team made their first display of year with the Extra 300L and S-1 Swift Glider. This year, the team have put together a number of new elemenjts to their display including opposing rolls on tow and a steep wingover (or chandelle) on tow!

Then it was back to full size with Team Guinot. Sarah seemed to be loving every minute of the display up on the wing which finished with the new 'Guinot Goose' where she sits with one leg over the leading edge! During the routine, she gave her own special salute to Rolls-Royce, whose factory is within the Goodwood Estate, by holding her arms in the shape of the famous 'Spirit Of Ecstasy'.

This was followed by a surprise in the shape of the unique Foster-Wikner Wicko. Built in 1938, this lovely aircraft won the inaugural Freddie March Spirit Of Aviation Trophy at the 2007 Revival Meeting. In the hands of its owner, Joe Dible, a splendid display was flown showing off this lovely aircraft.

Next the sky was full of dogfights with the Great War Display Team. These guys, who are based at various airfields come together to give these displays and always draw huge applause Likewise, the Aero Club's Harvard and the unusual Pilatus P-2 gave very pleasing and graceful routines.

Bringing the display to a close, only superlatives can be used when talking about Lee Proudfoot in the famous Spitfire IX MH434 and Alister Kay in Mustang 'Ferocious Frankie'. Catching many by surprise, Lee started with a wonderful fast and low curving pass on his return from Old Sarum where he had also been displaying. The sound of the Merlin in the Spitfire and the wonderful whistle from 'Frankie' never ceases to please.

One unfortunate absentee from the flying was the wonderful Douglas DC-6 from Coventry in her new British Eagle colour scheme. She was due to display and land for a special announcement of a partnership between 'The Six' and the charity fly2help but again the weather conditions put paid to that. Full details of the tie-up are given in the separate item.

It was a shame that the weather played such havoc with the event - especially the complete cancellation of the second day - but the show that did go ahead proved once again that Goodwood events are not to be missed.

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