Spitfire Proms Spectacular, Headcorn


One of an increasing number of "Flying Proms" events, Headcorn's "Spitfire Proms Spectacular" was a highly entertaining and spectacular evening. Compered by Brendan O'Brien, the show was blessed by some rare late summer sunshine which provided a spectucular cloud scape backdrop for the flying which included several favourites from the airshw circuit aswell as some very unique local acts. The evenf got underway with short flying display prior to the main proms which included a number of locally based aircraft included a Jungmann, CAP10 and the Yakobats with a Yak-55 and Yak-50. The main Flying Proms featured music from a number of movie favourites accompaning airshow acts such as the Swift Glider (flown by Brendan O'Brien), The Tiger Club Turbulent Team, Spitfire and Hurricane (flown by Charlie Brown and Dave Harvey), CAP 232 solo aerbatics and formation from a group of Tiger Moths and Stampes. Star performer however was Rob Davies in P-51D Mustang Big Beautiful Doll which flew a superb choreographed routine to the music. The flying culminated with a Balbo of Headcorn based aircraft set against the setting sun. The Proms themseleves continued well after dark with hot air balloonm baskets provided a night burn and a stunning fireworks display to round off the evening. Paul Johnson/Flightline UK was there to capture the action. All photography copyright of Author.



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