Royal International Air Tattoo 2008, RAF Fairford



The Royal International Air Tattoo 2008 was cancelled due to unusually high rainfall in the days leading up to the show which in turn saturated the car parks and the showground itself. It was the first time in 28 years that the Air Tattoo had cancelled any day of it's events. It really was a great shame as the show was building up to be one of the best Air Tattoos of recent years. Of particualrly note were the European debut of the F-22A Raptor Demo Team and the UK display debut of the Brazilian Air Force DIsplay Team - Esquadrilha da Fumaca.

However, Flightline UK was there to capture the actions as the aircraft arrived and many of the display rehearsed in preparation for the weekend. Over the following five articles we hope we have captured what might have been!


Main Articles

Part 1 - The Show - What Happened?

Part 2 : RIAT Exotica

Part 3 : The Royal Air Force 90th Anniversary

Part 4: Rise of the Raptor

Part 5 : The Flying Displays


Arrival Reports

Wednesday 9th July

Thursday 10th July

Friday 11th July


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