Shuttleworth Evening Air Display 4



2008 has been rotten to the Shuttleworth Collection. The weather has affected many of the displays. Compounding that much of the weather on days leading up to and after their events has been perfect for flying. The final straw was the complete cancellation of the collection's Autumn Air Display in October because of persistant rain and high winds. That meant the last full flying display of the year was infact the final Evening Air Display held in September in unusually warm and sunny conditions. Paul Johnson/Flightline UK reports. All photography copyright of Author.

I have always thought the evening flying displays are the best Old Warden events of the year. There's always a particular charm and atmosphere to these events that others never capture. There's also not the mad rush that seems to plague other more mainstream events. The September display on the 20th September was blessed with perhaps some of the best weather of the entire airshow season with bright blue skies and some relative warmth!

Much of the flying at these evening events is drawn from the Shuttleworth Collection itself but there are always a few visitors. Making a welcome debut at Old Warden were the pair of T-28 Fennecs from nearby Duxford. The big radial engined trainers put in a eyecatching display with smoke and aerobatics. Making a rare Old Warden appearance were a Spitfire XIX and Hurricane IIc from the BBMF while Carloyn Grace displayed her Spitfire IXT in front of her HSBC sponsors who were present at the show. Formation aerobatics and russian aviation were represented by the Yakovlevs with a pair of Yak-52 and Yak-50 who are regulars at Old Warden. Making it's final appearance in hands of Alan Hartfield was the Dart Kitten II. This small 1930's aircraft is a graceful if under powered performer and is up for sale to the right home.

Amongst the Shuttleworth Collection aircraft taking part were the Avro Tutor, Triplane and 504K all flying together. The SE5a and Bristol Fighter flew with the Sopwith Pup and Triplane in a first world war combination. The Bristol Fighter made rather an unfortunate heavy landing at the end of it's display and it currently being repaired in time for the 2009 season. The show ended with some flying by the Edwardians - Bristol Boxkite, Blackburn Monoplane, Avro Triplane and the Deperdussin.





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