Royal International Air Tattoo 2012, RAF Fairford - 7th-8th July - Friday Arrivals

It has been a very wet and frustrating day at RAF Fairford, but it all came good in the end with one late but very exciting arrival. The poor weather thankfully has not been as bad as other parts of the UK but it did mean there were precious few rehearsals meaning there were long periods of nothing going on.

The first significant of the day was the German Air Force F-4F Phantom II which managed to break through the clad at Brize Norton before joining the approach to Fairford. We have also seen the Airbus A330 Voyager KC1 arrive and depart in the morning plus the official naming ceremony for the Airbus A400M now known as the Atlas.
Respect must go the Korean BLack Eagles who managed a brief display in testing conditions. Also braving the worst of it were the SAAB Gripen, Hawk, Chinook and the Patrouille Suisse. The Dutch F-16 tried to rehearse but was caught out but some low cloud and broke off his display.
But by far the biggest attraction of the day was the USAF B-2A Spirit which arrived during the early evening just as the weather was turning for the better. It was a long wait but worth it for those who were able to hang on right until the end. Also slipping in very late were the Slovak MiG-29 which was forced to divert to Brize Norton being too short of fuel to hold off during a display,
The weather is clearly a concern but RIAT is going ahead this weekend which is great news. The showground is mostly OK but there are a few boggy areas in the grass. This year none of the car parks have been used in the run up to the event and there's plenty of metal road laid down. If you are coming to Fairford - have a great weekend.

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